The very first thing we do is protect your property (pools, flowerbeds etc.) using tarps & plywood as needed.

We asked that you please remove all vehicles out of garage and/or driveway prior to our arrival.

Once the driveway is clear and your property is protected, we’ll then spot our trailer and any heavy equipment.

Now the removal of shingles begins.



After all shingles and debris have been removed, our trained roofing crew will inspect the decking on your home, and replace what is rotten.

All roof jacks, vent caps, drip edge, valley metal & tin shingles will be replaced during the installation process (see step 3 below).



During the install it is typical for nails to fall in your yard but don’t worry, we have a remedy for that. Because we care about protecting your family, pets & property, we go the extra mile in ensuring that we pick up as many nails possible using several magnets during and after the roof installation. For the best results, we ask that you have your lawn cut before we’re scheduled to show up.

Our roofing crew will need access to an outdoor electrical outlet for the use of some power tools

When we install a new roof we also install all new roof jacks, vent

caps, drip edge & flashing.

We DO NOT reinstall anything that was already existing on your home.

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